Our Philosophy
Dr. Bill Berryman and the staff of Phenix City Pain Management are committed to the complete medical and minimally invasive management of pain syndromes. Our goal is to increase your daily activities and enhance the quality of your life. We will work with you and your other physicians to provide an evaluation, determine a diagnosis and treatment plan in which you, as the patient, are an active participant.

Our Philosophy Follows:

  • Devote necessary time to listen to our patients
  • Provide a caring approach to the management of each patient’s pain
  • Develop a personalized treatment plan for each patient based on their unique pain disease and their goals for their treatment
  • Educate each patient about their condition, treatment, options and progress
  • Ensure that all procedures required are performed with the patients comfort and safety the top priority
  • Utilize alternative forms of treatment to ensure that each patients pain is optimally treated
  • Support referring health care providers in the care of their patients.

On your first visit with Dr. Berryman, you will undergo a comprehensive exam including a complete history of your pain problem, a physical exam, a review of any lab studies, X-rays, MRI’s etc. A treatment plan will be developed for you based on your pain complaint and the results of your exam and studies. The plan may include medications, injections, physical therapy and other treatment modalities or combinations.

We work closely with many other specialists including your Primary Care Physician, neurologists, oncologists, neurosurgeons, psychologists, psychiatrists, orthopedic and spine surgeons. This allows us to optimally coordinate the care of our patients. Your personal treatment plan may involve medical management, physical therapy, psychological therapy and minimally invasive nonsurgical interventional procedures..

USE AS LITTLE PAIN MEDICATION AS POSSIBLE In most cases the medications that are given are designed to reduce inflammation and pain so that you can increase your activities. Physical therapy and various activities including low impact exercise can help your body regain lost function. When necessary, we use long acting medications so that you get sustained pain relief. Overall, our number one goal is to get you back to functioning normally and a better quality of life.

INTERVENTIONAL PAIN MANAGEMENT involves the use of special procedures to treat and manage pain. These procedures are typically provided under fluoroscopy with an injection of an anesthetic or steroid around nerves, tendons, joints, and muscles. We also perform procedures such as spinal cord stimulation and a procedure using radiofrequency waves that can stop a nerve from transmitting pain signals. Interventional pain services can also be used for diagnostic purposes to locate the source of pain. Diagnostic procedures can also help determine whether surgery is necessary.

Dr. Berryman has a special interest in the treatment of knee problems. His injections have an excellent success rate allowing those who suffer from new or old knee injuries to return to a more active lifestyle.

He has undergone special training and is licensed by the DEA to treat Opioid Dependency using Suboxone®.

Dr. Berryman welcomes the opportunity to show you what sets us apart from other pain clinics. Even if other pain clinics have not been able to treat your pain, please give us a call. For your long term relief and the best outcomes for a painful condition, your treatment should include understanding and addressing the underlying causes of your pain with the goal of restoring normal function whenever possible.